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Monthly Archives: December 2011

My favorite laugh of 2011

I know it’s about the wrong holiday, but in reflecting on my favorite LOLs of 2011, the winner was obvious:

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Challenge

Source: on youtube


Mmmm Easy to Make Nutella Cookies

mmmm why is Nutella so flipping amazing? Anyway, I made these and they are delicious, easy, and quick!! They are no-bake, so don’t even bother warming up your oven! Click on the pic for the recipe.

Source: via my friend Julia to fb

Photo source: Sook of

Daaang Kid!

How is this video a year old and I’m only now seeing it? Impressive! Bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jordan McCabe!

Source:  on youtube via zazenlife

The Dark Knight Rises: Movie Trailer Review

LOVE the Batman movies, but I love Michael K. at dlisted even more. For a PG-13 but LOL-worthy movie trailer review, click the pic.


Picture credit:

Source for article: dlisted

Cuz it’s annoying when winter dries out your skin

But long hot showers are so wonderful! : /

Click on the pic for 8 tips for keeping your skin from drying out during the winter.

Source for article: dailyglow via AOLnews

Source for photo: Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Mashup Pop Music 2011 in Review

Love these mashup videos! Still waiting on the DJ Earworm one…

Lil warning: solely due to the title, have to label this one NSFW (but if you listen to it quietly and watch it in full screen it’d be fine)

Source: on youtube

2011: A Year in Photographic Review

Click above to see BuzzFeed's "The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011"

Remember how this site is around to make you smile, think, and talk? This post is less smile, more think and talk. And reflect.  Go in peace, 2011.

Source: Matt Stopera for Buzzfeed via my SILly Lala

Photo credit: via Buzzfeed

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