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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Documentary: You’re Doing it Wrong

I love Kirk Cameron…… in Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron the documentary filmmaker, however, makes me LOL in a different kind of way. Like any good work of art, what makes me laugh when I view this could be totally different than what makes you laugh, but both are valid ;). … but definitely part of it is the numerous shots of his “concerned face”, right?

Adding: I know it’s not nice to make fun, but it’s frustrating when someone wastes an opportunity to explore a perfectly valid thought by  propagandizing toward the foregone, unexamined perspective he’s already known for rather than seeing where the journey actually takes him. Just sayin’…

Source: on youtube via filmdrunk


Phenomenal Cover of Fire to the Rain

…by a 10 year old kid. She’s really fantastic, and adds her own style to it even.

Stumbled across this one myself, as I can’t get enough of this song by Adele, and was playing around on youtube and found this cover. Further investigation tells me I guess this girl was on (possibly won?) Britain’s Got Talent in the past and has done plenty since. Good for her!

Source: on youtube.

It’s Like A Box of Chocolates, Except Visual and Emotive

Post-Secret, for those who haven't already seen the site or books, or who appreciate a reminder.

But for real, sometimes you get LOLZ, sometimes you get chilling, sometimes you get thought-provoking. Or maybe you yourself have something you wanna share… Click on the pic to check out the site.

Source and photo credit: PostSecret


You’ve Probably Got A Point There…

Please describe yourself in the most annoying way possible. 

LOL, click on the link for a quick, funny read (safe for work). Oh social media and online dating websites…


Heroes of the Concordia

There are everyday heroes in our midsts, folks.

Click the pic to read about the heroes of the Concordia disaster, in stark contrast to the captain who abandoned ship.

One of my occasional serious posts, certainly one worthy of reflection and reverence.


Photo credit: Roberto Vongher/Wikimedia Commons via news.discovery.

Excuse My Beauty!

Confession: I come back to this one sometimes when I need a lil laugh. I’m gonna go ahead and err on the side of NSFW. If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, watch from 3:13-end.

Source:   on youtube via dlisted

This is just sooooo handy!

Click on the pic for mindblowingly simple household tricks!


You’re welcome 😉

Source and picture credit: dailybuzz via my SiLly Lala

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