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A little late, and yet still timely

This would have been so fitting for Valentine’s Day but I just found it in my desk drawer this morning (I keep copies of quotes I like and find inspiring, and they’re lying around here and there), so here we are ;).

Whether your Valentine’s Day this year was marked by a happy relationship, troubled relationship, no relationship at all, or by focusing on your friends, maybe this quote provides a reminder of why you might find yourself in that situation:

“The [people] we attract and allow in our lives are reflections of not only who but where we are. Spiritually and emotionally. They’re bottom-line reminders of how we feel about ourselves”

Joan Morgan, brackets and emphasis mine

FYI, I don’t think this applies in a negative way to singles! Sometimes being alone, and taking good care of ourselves, is the healthiest thing.

Source: Joan Morgan, via my friend Martina on fb


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