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Cats Are Such Weirdos

How is possible to both be contorted into a bowl and elegant looking at the same time?

Cute weirdos, yes. But weirdos all the same.

Photo source: OMGblog via dlisted


Love is Alive and Well

"Fluttery" is one of my very favorite feelings

Just read this cuuuuteness Kyra Sedgwick had to say about her husband of 23 years, Kevin Bacon: “When he walks into a room…my heart gets a little fluttery and I think, ‘Oh! He’s so cute. He’s so hot.'” I love when true love exists. That is all. I’ll make with the laughs again tomorrow :P.

Source: Redbook via Today on

Photo credit: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters via msnbc

I’ve Said It Before, and I’ll Say It Again: I Have a Crush on Princess Kate

*(“Duchess” if you wanna be technical about it. I don’t!)

There’s definitely something to be said about watching someone grow from a college student to a poised woman in front of your eyes, particularly when you’re the same age as her and had a crush on her husband for part of your teen years, only to ultimately realize you can’t deny they’re a perfect match :). And as nearly any girl can tell you, relinquishing your dream of somehow meeting a prince and becoming a princess is a bitter pill to swallow ;). In any case, I no longer have a crush on William but on Princess Kate instead– she is so classy, demurely beautiful, and fashionable. So I get excited for her milestones, such as in the video above, which is her first speech as a public figure. It’s just a little speech, but there’s a lot of pressure on her as a representative of the country, so good for her for such a nice job.

Did I mention my crush on Kate is also based on my fashion-envy of her? Here’s my favorite of her looks, just in case you were dying to know. And just one last thing– on a serious note, given yesterday’s post, I do want to add that I’m not saying she doesn’t give in to the media pressures toward how women should look, as she clearly is very thin. What I love about her look here is her style and her confidence, those are the beautiful parts. Thanks for hearing that 🙂 :

Source: on youtube

Photo credit: I found it on Through The Looking Glass blog

I’ve Been Thinking About It And…

Work it, girl. For reals!

… look, I love Project Runway as much as the next person with impeccable taste, probably more so.  But I am seriously angry about the huge burden placed upon women to look a certain way so their clothes can look good on them… clothes are crafted, and if someone doesn’t look good in what they’re wearing I think that’s on whoever made the clothes, not on the person wearing them. Clothes should be made to look good on people, not people to look good in clothes. On this note, I present to you Jennifer Coolidge, at the  premiere for the latest American Pie movie. She is not svelte and toned, but she looks confident and like she is wearing the dress, rather than the dress wearing her. Beautiful dress by the way. Even more beautiful Jennifer Coolidge. That is all.

Photo source: Bauer Griffin via

Valid Prayers.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,

Can I please have one — just ONE — more hour a day to get all this mess done?

I promise I won’t waste it screwing around on Facebook.



-Cathy G

Gotta be honest when you pray, folks ;).

Source: Found this LOL on my friend Cathy G’s facebook feed.

How Quickly The Tides Turn

Love can touch us one time, and last for a lifetime... or can quickly turn into disgust

Linking to an interesting article on movies that we used to love but now for no real reason have turned our backs on. I liked the premise of the article maybe more than the movies featured it in themselves. I was just having a conversation earlier this week about how when I was a teenager and Titanic came out I lovvvvved that movie with the fierceness of teenage girl love for dramatics and moody, brave teenage boys. I sobbed and sobbed in the theater, and played “My Heart Will Go On” constantly and sobbed some more.  And then I never watched that movie again. Not once, and still holding firm to this day.

Probably I not so much hate the movie itself but rather that a fictional love story superimposed over a historical tragedy could pull so much emotion from me *shakes head*. Do you have any movies you loved but then ever so coldly turned your back on? 😉


Photo Source: (c) via

Lyrics cited: My Heart Will Go On, Will Jennings

Why Is Jon Hamm So Awesome?

In addition to being a good actor, and a responsible and respectable human being by saying this, Jon Hamm appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and allowed the host to repeatedly throw water in his face because, hey, Jon Hamm believes in honoring the rules of a game to which he has committed 🙂 :

I know it’s better when I can embed the video, but I can’t this time so please do yourself a favor and click on this link.

Source for video: NBC via The Clicker on Today via

Source for Jon Hamm quote: The Superficial

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