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March Madness LOLs

I may be a little biased in choosing the picture for this entry. Blogger's prerogative!

Applicable to those obsessed with March Madness and those trying to figure out why their loved ones and friends are obsessed with March Madness, click on the pic or here to read a funny article by the New York Times on what someone’s bracket selections say about them.

Also, for those who couldn’t possibly care less about March Madness, may I suggest an alternate version proposed by a good college friend? Use the brackets, but among your friends do hot celebrity pair-ups battling down to your ultimate celebrity dream date/hook-up. I still remember my Final Four from way back when (in no particular order): Brad Pitt, Paul Walker, Mark McGrath, and Luke Wilson. Weird right? I’ll omit telling you who won out…

Click here for empty brackets if you’re feeling inclined to substitute in hot celebrities.

Photo Source: JerseyPump

Article: NY Times

Celebrity pairings idea credit: my friend Krystal D

Empty bracket:


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