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Callin’ It Like You See It

This one was captioned "when I'm at a party and I see the dessert table" *snortle*

Bahahaha! Fb friend Laura C. posted this hilarious tumblr site where a mystery blogger captions gifs with funny and dead on assessments of what those pictures convey. I’m not explaining it as well as if you just click here to check it out. This is truly one of the best laugh-inducing web gems I’ve found in a really long time.

…ok one more…

"When I am drunk and my friends are trying to keep me from texting my ex"

… of course, my exes need not feel insulted if you’re reading this and thinking “but she never…” :P. Might mean I don’t personally have this particular vice, or might mean I just have really persistent friends ;).

I have tears in my eyes right now from laughing so hard at these.

Gifs and captions from: discovered via Laura C.


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