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Why Is Jon Hamm So Awesome?

In addition to being a good actor, and a responsible and respectable human being by saying this, Jon Hamm appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and allowed the host to repeatedly throw water in his face because, hey, Jon Hamm believes in honoring the rules of a game to which he has committed 🙂 :

I know it’s better when I can embed the video, but I can’t this time so please do yourself a favor and click on this link.

Source for video: NBC via The Clicker on Today via

Source for Jon Hamm quote: The Superficial


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  1. In that spirit, did you see this clip from SNL?

    And boohoo to me that I will miss an entire season of my favorite show :(. My only fear is that I will catch spoiler on Facebook that will ruin the entire season. Sort of like discovering that Dexter’s girlfriend was killed…. :P.

  2. Oh, amazing, wonderful and gorgeous Hamm. I’ve said it before and will say it again: that man can do no wrong (even when being a little bit of an arse).


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