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How Quickly The Tides Turn

Love can touch us one time, and last for a lifetime... or can quickly turn into disgust

Linking to an interesting article on movies that we used to love but now for no real reason have turned our backs on. I liked the premise of the article maybe more than the movies featured it in themselves. I was just having a conversation earlier this week about how when I was a teenager and Titanic came out I lovvvvved that movie with the fierceness of teenage girl love for dramatics and moody, brave teenage boys. I sobbed and sobbed in the theater, and played “My Heart Will Go On” constantly and sobbed some more.  And then I never watched that movie again. Not once, and still holding firm to this day.

Probably I not so much hate the movie itself but rather that a fictional love story superimposed over a historical tragedy could pull so much emotion from me *shakes head*. Do you have any movies you loved but then ever so coldly turned your back on? 😉


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Lyrics cited: My Heart Will Go On, Will Jennings


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