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I’ve Said It Before, and I’ll Say It Again: I Have a Crush on Princess Kate

*(“Duchess” if you wanna be technical about it. I don’t!)

There’s definitely something to be said about watching someone grow from a college student to a poised woman in front of your eyes, particularly when you’re the same age as her and had a crush on her husband for part of your teen years, only to ultimately realize you can’t deny they’re a perfect match :). And as nearly any girl can tell you, relinquishing your dream of somehow meeting a prince and becoming a princess is a bitter pill to swallow ;). In any case, I no longer have a crush on William but on Princess Kate instead– she is so classy, demurely beautiful, and fashionable. So I get excited for her milestones, such as in the video above, which is her first speech as a public figure. It’s just a little speech, but there’s a lot of pressure on her as a representative of the country, so good for her for such a nice job.

Did I mention my crush on Kate is also based on my fashion-envy of her? Here’s my favorite of her looks, just in case you were dying to know. And just one last thing– on a serious note, given yesterday’s post, I do want to add that I’m not saying she doesn’t give in to the media pressures toward how women should look, as she clearly is very thin. What I love about her look here is her style and her confidence, those are the beautiful parts. Thanks for hearing that 🙂 :

Source: on youtube

Photo credit: I found it on Through The Looking Glass blog


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