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Home Maintenance for Dummies

krazy glue: A must for the non-discriminating homeowner deficient in home maintenance skills

I bought my house a year ago this week! It’s been both a stressful and rewarding year as a homeowner, and thankfully, more the latter than the former :). This past weekend I had one of those dreaded “something’s gone wrong and since you own this place no one else is going to fix it” issues. At least it was a very small, blogworthy one :). Some religious salespeople types walked right up to my storm door, which was closed while the front door was open. I seriously think they were just going to open the door and invite themselves in, because next thing I know I hear my door opening, my dogs going crazy, and something breaking. Turns out it was the little plastic piece on the inner door handle that allows it to clamp into place and stay shut. I seriously still can’t believe someone was just going to walk up in my house, but I decide to get over that as best I can and go see about buying a replacement part. Which, of course, there is not an exact match for at either of the two hardware stores I go to (much thanks to C for suggesting taking pictures with me). Which leads me to my home maintenance for dummies idea: what if I just krazy glue it?

Handily, I already own krazy glue, whereas I do not own replacement door parts. So I tried it. So far it is working.

This also reminds me of another Home Maintenance for Dummies moment from last week, which made me chuckle to myself enough to decide to photodocument it. First, we have my old “tool box”. As you can see, I am a collector of many and fine tools. Enough that, when coupled with batteries, they fill up a moderately sized shoe box. Sadly, this shoe box was showing its age, and getting a little worn around the edges (also, the top was being held together by tape).

So what was a Dummy to do to address this problem?

Guess I had to buy new shoes ;). Problem solved!


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  1. “Krazy Glue….just crazy enough to work!!!” Nicely played M.


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