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An Inspirational Commencement Speech and Speaker

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In a time where politicians are using commencement exercises as an opportunity to slip in messages from their political platform amongst very, very safe and vanilla words of advice to the graduating college students, I’m thrilled to see that Tuft’s University sought a true message of inspiration from former Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, and humanitarian Eric Greitens, who is also the founder of The Mission Continues, a non-profit that’s gotten a lot of attention the last couple of years due to it’s goal of helping military veterans connect with community service once they’re home. Eric asks the new grads to consider how they can prioritize and value giving, and serving others, rather than focusing on their own dreams of success. Read the article on his speech here. Eric is actually a friend of a friend, and from what I’ve heard, is as inspirational as a person as he is as a speaker :).

PS I know this is my second military post this week. That’s just a coincidence, the tone of the blog is not changing! I just like what

Source: CNN via my friend Armando


And Speaking of Corny, Goodbye to CSI Miami

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I didn’t even watch this show (I know, I’m the only one) but even I know of and can appreciate David Caruso’s corny lines while putting on his sunglasses. YAAAHHHH! I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna watch 7 minutes of this silliness, but for those who are sad the show is ending and can appreciate a good old-fashioned montage, here’s more than enough of it!

Source:  on youtube via Buzzfeed

Corny Corn Joke For Ya

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Summer’s just around the corner, can’t help it if the slightest hint of summer weather makes me giddy.

Tee hee hee 🙂

Source: Only You Can Put  A Smile On My Face on fb via my friend Aaron

Have A Reverent Memorial Day

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Honoring my dad’s high school classmate and all the other brave soldiers who died serving our country

My father is a Vietnam Vet, each of my grandfathers as well as my great-uncle fought in WWII, and my great-grandfather fought in WWI. Thankfully they all lived, but many others made the ultimate sacrifice. Today I’m honoring my dad’s friend David Lipscomb and all others who gave their lives to uphold the values and freedoms of our country, and giving thanks for our veterans who returned safely home.

Danity Kane, Anyone?

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“Do you, do you got a first aid kit handy?” Possibly the most random opening lyrics ever…

Just remembered about Danity Kane the other day and figured you might appreciate a reminder too. Seriously, I know I wasn’t the only one who was into this silly shizz, I specifically remember their album debuting at #1 much to the surprise of all my hatin’ friends. I guess the world just wasn’t ready for another iteration of girl groups, and Aubrey O’Day’s skankiness certainly didn’t help matters, but Aubrey and Andrea were pretty flipping talented I thought…

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The Real Reason Why They Repeat the Same 20 Songs on the Radio & TV Nationwide

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Click on the pic for an interesting and informative graphic/read on how we are all sheep that like what the music industry and rest of the entertainment industry tells us we will like. Baaa! Seriously, it’s taken me nearly 30 years to finally take an active interest in indie music instead of Rihanna and Lil Wayne on repeat. Still haven’t gotten on the NPR bandwagon either. Mid-year resolution: gotta stop being such a mindless zombie…

Source: Ren the Archaelogist for

Image source: same, but via steppesinsync blog

If Dogs Could Text…

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One of my dogs would text me allll day long if he could. The other, she’d only text me pictures of her doing defiant things and/or lazing around the house all day.

You’ve probably gotta be a pet owner to appreciate this one. Click on the pic to see Buzzfeed’s “Best Of” this tumblr about what dogs would text.

Source: via Buzzfeed. Of course.

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