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An Inspirational Commencement Speech and Speaker

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In a time where politicians are using commencement exercises as an opportunity to slip in messages from their political platform amongst very, very safe and vanilla words of advice to the graduating college students, I’m thrilled to see that Tuft’s University sought a true message of inspiration from former Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, and humanitarian Eric Greitens, who is also the founder of The Mission Continues, a non-profit that’s gotten a lot of attention the last couple of years due to it’s goal of helping military veterans connect with community service once they’re home. Eric asks the new grads to consider how they can prioritize and value giving, and serving others, rather than focusing on their own dreams of success. Read the article on his speech here. Eric is actually a friend of a friend, and from what I’ve heard, is as inspirational as a person as he is as a speaker :).

PS I know this is my second military post this week. That’s just a coincidence, the tone of the blog is not changing! I just like what

Source: CNN via my friend Armando


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