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Important to the Current State and Future of Higher Education

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You know every once in a while I’ve gotta get serious on yo’ ass. Yeah, wrap that sentence around your brain. Anyway! This is the best article I have read describing the significance of the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors recently ousting and subsequently reinstating the University’s President. Why does this matter? Because it begs the question: what is the appropriate model for a university? Is it primarily a business, offering efficiency and the expectation of transactions of services for payment received, and needing to be focused heavily on money brought in? Or to what extent is there still room for a university to be primarily focused on providing the best education possible, even in these times of financial cutbacks? I know a university truly is both an educational institution and a business, and that there does need to be a attention paid to the business needs; I also don’t presume to understand the complex workings of figuring this out. But it sounds like at least in this case the public had something to say, and I’m inclined to agree with them.

Source for article and photo: NY Times, photo Jay Paul for NY Times


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