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Nightmare Come True!

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get me down from heeere!

Aaaah, this really happened: people got stuck on a roller coaster at the top of the track in Vallejo, CA this past Sunday. I guess this stuff is only newsworthy because it’s rare, but still, hate to read about it. Happily, no one was injured, and they think the reason it stopped working was actually a safety mechanism being tripped to prevent the ride from running unsafely. So that’s good. Have you ever had one of your worst fears come true??


Photo source: Craig Cannon/NBC Bay Area via


Hot Air Balloons!

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Just getting back from that long weekend, during which time I went to this cool hot air balloon festival in NJ. Though I’d post a picture from there cuz I dunno, it felt pretty magical seeing all those hot air balloons taking to the sky at once, and thought maybe you’d get a little smile too :).

Wish Me Good Shopping Luck!

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Unlike most women, I strongly dislike shopping. But hey, I’m only human, so I certainly get excited about great bargains :). So… in anticipation of an  upcoming lil trip where I’m expecting to have some free time, I’ve decided to attempt to check out the fabled bargain fashion shopping mecca Century 21, which I actually first heard about through another wordpress blog I read, Chocolates and Raspberries. So wish me luck, blogfriends, I hear the crowds are killer!


Photo source: Century 21

Seize the Moment!

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I know I felt inspired!

Found this little tchotschke or however you spell that (seriously, spell check has no idea what I’m trying to say. And here I thought Yiddish was sufficiently Americanized to know what’s up. Anyway!) at Barnes and Noble the other day, and put it up in my office where I constantly hope to be re-inspired to make the most out of the moment, and to be active in creating my opportunities. Maybe it strikes you the same way! 🙂

Sally Ride, You Were an Inspiration

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I just saw that Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, passed away on Monday. Sally Ride was my earliest feminist inspiration, and seeing her name brings back really old memories of my first awareness of all that exceptional women could do. I swear, as dejecting as that glass ceiling feels so much of the time, shining examples like Sally Ride provide much-needed inspiration, and for that I deeply thank her!
Also noteworthy, Sally officially came out as a lesbian posthumously, as her family referenced her longtime partner in their official media statement. Sally wasn’t someone to put any of her private life in the public eye at any time, so keeping her sexual orientation to herself is in keeping with just leading a private life, and I think that’s great, but it’s also nice that she is able to now also be an inspiration to gay and lesbian youth.

Source: HuffPo

Photo source: via

TED Talks

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Every once in a while I like to listen to these neat TED Talks. They’re usually both quirky and inspirational. What would you give to know why you might fail to have a great career? Watch on! And if you like it, I think new TED talks are posted weekly here. TED is a nonprofit devoted to making us thinki and spreading good ideas :).

Source: TED via on youtube

Cool Lil Dragonfly Friend

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I took a picture of this cool little dragonfly in my garden. Can you tell that he has his mouth open? Don’t see it? Check below for comparison shot ;).


Photos: (c) lil old moi 🙂

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