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Aww Snap, Shakespizzle

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Apparently, Shakespeare was the originator of yo mama jokes. Ok, I did not do fact-checking on this, but are these or are these not lines from the Shakesperean play Titus Andronicus? If so, I think you just got served:

Demetrius: “Villain, what hast thou done?”
Aaron: “That which thou canst not undo.”
Chiron: “Thou hast undone our mother.”
Aaron: “Villain, I have done thy mother.”

Thanks to the cute lil blog b for bel for informing me of this useful nugget. Adding, I appreciate the heck out of Shakespeare, so please accept this offering in the spirit is is intended: LOLworthy yet reverent :).

Source: b for bel

Caricature source: via iteachicoachiblog


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