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Ohhhh Yeah, The Dark Knight Rises

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EDIT: Just saw about the shootings at the Batman premiere in Aurora, CO. While I am still going to see the movie today, it is with a much heavier heart. I know the Bane/Bain clip below does not fit the tone of the day anymore. I’ll leave it posted as it is a nice piece by the Daily Show, but at the same time I totally understand if you don’t want to check it out. Foremost, my thoughts go out to the victims of this horrific event and their loved ones.

The Daily Show: Bain Damage   <—Can’t embed, but it’s Jon Stewart so you should prolly just click on it

One of my earliest memories is the scene from the first Batman Movie (the one with Michael Keaton) where little Bruce Wayne’s (ok had to stop there to mention that I originally typed “Wayans” instead of “Wayne”… now that would have been an interesting twist to Batman’s mysterious background, LOL)… aaand bringing it back…. where little Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed and you see the pearls falling on the street. From that moment, this movie series has captivated me. Let’s not focus too heavily on the George Clooney ones. The current Christopher Nolan series has been amazing and I am so excited to go see The Dark Knight Rises today, though it’s hard to imagine it topping The Dark Knight. In celebration of this latest installment, I offer this LOLworthy Daily Show clip about the whole Bane/Bain “controversy”.

Source: The Daily Show


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