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Monthly Archives: August 2012

So This Happened…

From The Hollywood Reporter via, the headline:

‘Honey Boo Boo’ ratings top Republican National Convention

Discuss? We probably should dare to, amirite?

Article  Source:

Photo Source: Chris Fraticelli/TLC via


Turning the page

Well, lil old moi is not only a day or year older today, but is embarking upon a new decade! Weirdly, I’ve always said 30 seems like the age to be, and life has truly been happier (despite bumps and detours in the road) the closer I’ve gotten to 30, so have to admit I’m really excited to see what this new decade will hold! Also, shout out to my twenties! A decade is a loooong time; did you know that in that time you could:

  • graduate college
  • earn a masters degree
  • earn a doctorate
  • become a licensed professional
  • get married
  • get divorced
  • fall in love again
  • get your first dog
  • get your first real job
  • get your second dog
  • find religion
  • buy your first house
  • other stuff I’m forgetting
  • make lifelong friends and build greatly on lifelong friendships you already had

Twenties, you’ve been real! Thanks for all the growth and happiness you brought! Onward and upward!

What in the weird science heck?!

This that you see above is a REAL moth, called a poodle moth. Read about it on if you care to know more. Personally, I just think it’s cute and it kinda reminds me of a toy I had in the 80s. Popples maybe? Or a popples-gremlins hybrid (submitted below for comparison)? I dunno, maybe I’m not putting my finger on it. All I know is this thing is totally cute!


Article and poodle moth picture source:

Additional photo sources: google image 1 and google image 2

Funny that I left off last week with a baby laughing…

… cuz here’s twin babies laughing while dancing most twin-like to guitar music. Sooo funny/cute to watch them boogie down while checking to make sure the other one concurs!

Source:  on youtube via my friend Brad

Thought You Might Appreciate This Flashback!

Oh gosh! Just remembered about this the other day and was so glad to have this retro-laugh :). On a programming note, Lil Old Moi will be venturing off on one last long weekend trip of the summer, so may not be posting as much over the next few days. Til soon!

Source:   on youtube

I Hate To Make Sweeping Statements, But…

… pretty sure all of us Americans should be worried by Todd Akin, the Congressman who believes in the qualifier of “legitimate” rape, and that, according to the doctors he’s consulted, women’s bodies will reject pregnancy in the event of rape (just to be clear, this is absolutely false). We should be worried not only because he has a viable race for re-election Senate going on, but also because he currently sits on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

I know I have suddenly taken an interest in knowing what qualifications one has to possess to be admitted onto this committee, and what continuing education standards there are to ensure the members of this committee– and ALL committees– stay knowledgeable about the fields for which they are making decisions that impact our entire country. I have a sick feeling the answer is none :(.

Source: Chris Miles for

Fortune Cookie Says…

…….in bed. 😉

It’s Monday, I worked this weekend instead of having my usual time to review funny and thought-provoking websites, and consequently, instead of having any of that to offer up, I submit to you a fortune cookie fortune I like that is staring back at me from my monitor, to which it is taped. Happy Monday errybody, be spectacular!

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