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We’re Just Ordinary People

Shelagh was here. I am here. You are here.

This is an article celebrating the life of Shelagh Gordon, an unremarkable middle aged woman who passed quietly from this Earth this past February. Why should you care? Why were 20 reporters from the local paper dispatched to write a 4000 word article complete with photojournalism about this woman? If you don’t want to read the whole article, but are now sufficiently intrigued, catch the explanation here at Ok, is this story incredible, as the title of the Forbes article about it suggests? Arguable. Is the concept actually a little trite, as is the fact that they had the idea and were just writing for the “right” person to come along, rather than being inspired in a moment? Yeah, I think so. But sometimes the means isn’t as important as the end, and in the end some of us will read this story feeling a bit more appreciative of small gestures, and of people in our lives, and being reminded of the significance of our own lives in ways that maybe aren’t so obvious. So I like it. How have you contributed in a small way already today? 🙂

Source: Toronto Star via via my friend Jesse on fb

Photo Source: Toronto Star via

Lyric/Title: I was thinkin’ of  “Ordinary People” sung by John Legend


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