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Well, lil old moi is not only a day or year older today, but is embarking upon a new decade! Weirdly, I’ve always said 30 seems like the age to be, and life has truly been happier (despite bumps and detours in the road) the closer I’ve gotten to 30, so have to admit I’m really excited to see what this new decade will hold! Also, shout out to my twenties! A decade is a loooong time; did you know that in that time you could:

  • graduate college
  • earn a masters degree
  • earn a doctorate
  • become a licensed professional
  • get married
  • get divorced
  • fall in love again
  • get your first dog
  • get your first real job
  • get your second dog
  • find religion
  • buy your first house
  • other stuff I’m forgetting
  • make lifelong friends and build greatly on lifelong friendships you already had

Twenties, you’ve been real! Thanks for all the growth and happiness you brought! Onward and upward!


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