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Are People Seriously Getting Offended By Evolution in 2012?…

Apparently Dr. Pepper has managed to cause some anger over this ad, which draws on the theory of evolution. Guess there are still a loud minority out there who choose to be blind to science, but at least they keep me laughing in all their ironic glory:

“’No we didn’t come from apes,” wrote one user [on Dr. Pepper’s facebook wall]. “Lord Jesus pep can be blinded. If we came from apes why is there still apes [sic]’”

Why indeed. Today on has a quick story on the somehow-fiasco.

Information Source; Quote: Today on

Image Source: Dr. Pepper


Poetry Corner

some nights I could just walk and walk
and walk
wonder if I can walk out these thoughts?

I mean, it doesn’t follow any kind of meter, doesn’t rhyme, and is pretty dang simple, so I don’t know if it truly qualifies as a poem. But I felt moved to write it and certainly admire when other people get creative and/or put a little of themselves out there, so there you have it :P.

Two of My Favorites: Bulldogs and Trampolines!!

Ermygerrrsh, a dog playing on a trampoline! Check out those flips! And, just like me on a trampoline, he does not want to get off ever. I’m LOVING it.

Source:  on youtube via today on

Like I Said, If We Must Endure Election Season…


… thank GOODNESS for some of the amazing creativity people come up with to keep us interested. On that note, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly are going to be debating!! And not only in my dreams, on an actual streaming site. Save the date, Oct 6th at 8 PM, info here. My friends and I are having a viewing party :).

Source:; preview from   on youtube (I can’t believe I reached a day where I’m posting from Bill O’Reilly’s youtube channel)

Full House Reunion!!

Well, guess some producers put together a Full House reunion, and some of the cast tweeted pics! No Olsens to be found, but the rest of the main cast was there. I have no idea if what results from this will be an episode (hopefully) or just catching up with cast, but either way I’m watching. Loved that show! Miss wholesome TV like that. Think Modern Family is the closest thing today, and I lovvve that show too.

Source: dlisted

The Simpsons’ Political Commentary is the Best Political Commentary

Homer votes! In 2012, above, and in 2008, below (I put the more recent one first, but personally I thought the older one was even funnier). I don’t like all the negativity that comes out during election season, so thank goodness for the Simpsons, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, any anyone else who can bring a welcome funny but intelligent view on things :).

Source:  and   on youtube via the clicker on today on

That is Amazing, Dad!

I read this inspiring story about a dad, Paul Pauca, who created a learning app for his young son, Victor, who is diagnosed with a communication disorder, to be able to learn to communicate with others. My heart definitely melted reading this; story here, and by the way it’s available for sale too.

Article and Photo Source: NBCLatino

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