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3 Day Weekends!

…are a great excuse to take a long weekend getaway. BUT then you have to deal with the increased traffic and crowds everywhere you’re trying to be. Which is why this year I took my long weekend a week early (yes, it meant taking a couple of days off work, and thankfully I had them to spare), and went to Nashville for the first time! Here’s a pic from the Grand Ole Opry, which was an absolute blast, and I’d totally recommend it even if, like me, you’re not really a country music fan. The night we were there, Lee Greenwood sang his famous song “Proud to be an American”… it was awesome to see live! This picture isn’t of him (my sense of decorum kicked in during Proud to be an American and I decided to just focus on the experience and not take pictures) but it is a very country music looking dude, so there you have it. Oh, and while I’m sharing, i should also share that this exists:

Cookie Dough Eggroll! at Jackson’s in Nashville

So as a result of my long weekend one week early, I’m catching up on stuff this weekend while you’re off having fun. Hope you have a great Labor Day!



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