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Blog Appreciation Week, Day 3: Becoming Madame

One of the first WordPress blogs I started following is Becoming Madame. I love the motivation behind it: it is written by a lady from North America who went to France for a short stay but met her husband and now lives there. Her blog is her own story of a Westerner discovering France, including its landmarks, foods, and cultural lessons, that aren’t frou-frou but are totally relatable to any of us with any interest in what it would be like to up and move to a foreign place with a foreign culture. I posted a delicious French recipe of hers to my blog before that got a lot of hits, and if you click on the pic below it will take you to a recent entry of hers about French portion size and how we can learn to enjoy food more by considering eating like the French. Her entries aren’t all about food, those were just 2 that caught my hungry eye :).

photo source: via Becoming Madame


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