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I’m Liking It Turns 1 Today!

…or as I’ve come to affectionately call it, my blog’s blogiversary.

By the way, interesting process thinking about “what picture best represents a blogiversary?” I went with this one of my lil dog through her ball cuz it’s all about what makes you smile over here, and this does for me!

About that, I’m just an 8-to-5-er who likes a smile to start my day, and something to laugh at during the middle of a long work day, and occasionally something that gets the gears in my mind cranking :P. And I read a few websites pretty regularly and figured there’s probably people out there who don’t want to sift through blogs to stumble across a good laugh or inspiration, so I decided to try to write a blog that would be the reader’s digest version, highlighting the best light entertainment out there :). And it’s done alright for itself! Coincidentally, today the view count will hit 5000 views! I know some sites get that and more in an hour, but in little old moi’s little old world that’s a lot, and a nice blogiversary present :).

Thank you to all of you for stopping by to check it out! I’m having lots of fun writing it and am curious to see how it will grow over the next year! And thank you to my favorite sources for material, dlisted,, and youtube, and to all my friends who are doing cool and creative things that I was able to profile.

Couple  quick stops on memory lane:

Here was my first blog post (other than just intro to the concept of the blog)

Did you know I’m Liking It‘s busiest day so far was actually way back last November 22nd, because this was a funny little gem

And looking forward to the next year! Thanks again!!



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