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So That’s Why!

I have 2 hands for a reason. The reason being because I have 2 sweet dogs who constantly want to be petted and to play. 🙂


Fall in the Beautiful Shenandoah Region

sunlight playing with leaves

Am away at a work training in the beautiful Shenandoah region of VA this week (hence the lack of posts) and it is the most beautiful time of the year to be here! This is a pic I took on UVA’s campus.

(c) Lil old moi

One of the Greatest Philosopher-Actors of Our Time

Let’s celebrate Jean-Claude Van Damme’s birthday a day late with this tribute to some of his greatest and most philosophical reflections.. click on the pic for his top ten, with sources listed, lest you think they are made up ;). Oh Buzzfeed, you make me so happy.

Source: gdefon via Buzzfeed

Fall = Best 3 Weeks (or So) of the Year

(Photo: creative commons/howardignatius via IBtimes) White Mountains Trail, New Hampshire

Man I love fall! Don’t know if you’ve noticed (perhaps so, if you found yourself here via a search engine) but for whatever reason, while there are many sites that talk about fall foliage and where to find it, most of them don’t have pictures! Does not make sense. Anyway! I did find this one great, short article on 5 beautiful fall foliage spots across America (click on the link or pic to go to there). While I do love the beautiful muted and golden shades of leaves here in Virginia, this picture from the White Mountains Trail in New Hampshire took my breath away.

Photo source: creative commons/howardignatius via IBtimes

Article source:International Business Times

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 1: Iltana

Wow, I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of blogging! Deciding to blog funny and happy and thought-provoking stuff was kinda an experiment; I had no idea for how long I’d enjoy doing it, or if anyone would care to read. I’ll let you know on October 15th some of the stats of my blog (Spoiler alert: they’re modest, nothing to write home about, but it’s still been super fun for me), but I thought leading up to my 1 year blogiversary I’d pay tribute to some of my favorite WordPress blogs I’ve come across and now subscribe to. So I’m kicking things off with probably my absolute favorite, Iltana’s photo blog. This lady has an amazing eye, inspiring creativity, and fun photo editing tricks. I always feel happy and inspired when I check out her images, so here are 2 recent ones as a preview. Click on either to check out her blog.


Photo source:

Full House Reunion!!

Well, guess some producers put together a Full House reunion, and some of the cast tweeted pics! No Olsens to be found, but the rest of the main cast was there. I have no idea if what results from this will be an episode (hopefully) or just catching up with cast, but either way I’m watching. Loved that show! Miss wholesome TV like that. Think Modern Family is the closest thing today, and I lovvve that show too.

Source: dlisted

That is MESSED UP, Dad!

Ok, I would totally give my dad the death glare to end all death glares, and also a healthy dose of silent treatment, if he posted any of my ID pictures, as did the father of this poor 5 month old cutie who didn’t pose pretty for his passport photo. My passport is probably the least offensive of my IDs, but my driver’s license looks like a straight up mug shot, so I can relate to this poor baby. Anyway, now it’s going viral of coursestory here if you didn’t think this picture explains it all :(.


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