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Shutting Down Shop :/

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to thank you all so much for reading over the past year+. This was a fun project for me, and I didn’t know what to expect as far as longevity but in recent months I guess life has just taken a different turn and I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging. I’m not going to close it out just yet, since I still get a fair amount of views on older posts, and they are pretty funny and fun ;), but I’m not planning on posting anything else new. It’s been a lot of fun for me, and again, I thank you so much for your interest!

Little Old Moi


I’m Liking It Turns 1 Today!

…or as I’ve come to affectionately call it, my blog’s blogiversary.

By the way, interesting process thinking about “what picture best represents a blogiversary?” I went with this one of my lil dog through her ball cuz it’s all about what makes you smile over here, and this does for me!

About that, I’m just an 8-to-5-er who likes a smile to start my day, and something to laugh at during the middle of a long work day, and occasionally something that gets the gears in my mind cranking :P. And I read a few websites pretty regularly and figured there’s probably people out there who don’t want to sift through blogs to stumble across a good laugh or inspiration, so I decided to try to write a blog that would be the reader’s digest version, highlighting the best light entertainment out there :). And it’s done alright for itself! Coincidentally, today the view count will hit 5000 views! I know some sites get that and more in an hour, but in little old moi’s little old world that’s a lot, and a nice blogiversary present :).

Thank you to all of you for stopping by to check it out! I’m having lots of fun writing it and am curious to see how it will grow over the next year! And thank you to my favorite sources for material, dlisted,, and youtube, and to all my friends who are doing cool and creative things that I was able to profile.

Couple  quick stops on memory lane:

Here was my first blog post (other than just intro to the concept of the blog)

Did you know I’m Liking It‘s busiest day so far was actually way back last November 22nd, because this was a funny little gem

And looking forward to the next year! Thanks again!!


Jack Skellington Hearts Sally

So thinkin’ about seeing Frankenweenie tonight. I don’t like to think about dogs dying, but I was totally excited to see this unique Tim Burton animation return! Brings back great memories of The Nightmare Before Christmas— what a cool, creative movie :). I miss movies being creative. Oh, and by the way, speaking of cool and creative… hope you check back all next week, as I’ll be doing something that at least I think is pretty cool with the blog all week long!!

Photo source: The Nightmare Before Christmas via Rotten Tomatoes

What in the Random Friendship Heck?

So apparently Tony Danza and Tupac were pen pals when Tupac was in prison in the 90s…

Ok, and while I’m on the subject of Tony Danza, pretty much anytime I hear his name I laugh to myself because I remember an ex of mine who used to think Elton John sang “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Yep, still laughing at that.

Article Source: Today on

Photo Source:

Poetry Corner

some nights I could just walk and walk
and walk
wonder if I can walk out these thoughts?

I mean, it doesn’t follow any kind of meter, doesn’t rhyme, and is pretty dang simple, so I don’t know if it truly qualifies as a poem. But I felt moved to write it and certainly admire when other people get creative and/or put a little of themselves out there, so there you have it :P.

Saw Someone Wearing This Shirt and Kinda Loved It

it was on a hipster guy. Could you tell?

…except I don’t think I’d like the unwelcome offers to take me up on it if I wore it. So I guess file this under, “I like it on you, but not on me.”

Photo source: zazzle but also really I saw it in real life! (With JD and RC.)

You know what drives me crazy…

the dreaded pull ‘n peel seal


Pull ‘n peel seals (or lift ‘n peel as this particular bottle of jam displays). I can never get them to work right. In fairness, this is probably because they are mostly found on refrigerated stuff, so I take whatever it is out of the refrigerator, unscrew the cap, and then when I encounter this dreaded seal my fingers, which have touched the condensation now forming on the bottle, are slippery and not good at pull ‘n peeling. But even without that handicap, do these thing ever really work? All I want is a PB&J sandwich without delay, why must they torture me so?! 😉


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