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Blog Appreciation Week, Day 5: Forcing Myself Happy

Ok, I’m not totally in love with the title of the blog I am featuring today, Forcing Myself Happy,but I definitely dig its purpose: to be intentional every day about actively doing something in the name of happiness, and enriching your quality of life. It is her 6 month journey of doing this and seeing what results in terms of her own happiness. I just started checking in on this one recently, so am curious to see how it goes.

Her blog is sometimes like mine, in that it shares cool stuff that other people have done more than something original by the author. The author serves as the eye, not as the artist. Below is a video that was featured on her blog, but that wasn’t created by her. It’s super cute and positive, and I’m glad she brought it to my attention, and that I can bring it to yours. But if you want to check out more of her original thoughts and experiences, click here to go to Forcing Myself Happy.

Source: Forcing Myself Happy


Blog Appreciation Week, Day 3: Becoming Madame

One of the first WordPress blogs I started following is Becoming Madame. I love the motivation behind it: it is written by a lady from North America who went to France for a short stay but met her husband and now lives there. Her blog is her own story of a Westerner discovering France, including its landmarks, foods, and cultural lessons, that aren’t frou-frou but are totally relatable to any of us with any interest in what it would be like to up and move to a foreign place with a foreign culture. I posted a delicious French recipe of hers to my blog before that got a lot of hits, and if you click on the pic below it will take you to a recent entry of hers about French portion size and how we can learn to enjoy food more by considering eating like the French. Her entries aren’t all about food, those were just 2 that caught my hungry eye :).

photo source: via Becoming Madame

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 2: Cocoa Likes This!

I profiled Cocoa Likes This! once before, shortly after starting my blog, because it was my inspiration to blog in the first place. Cocoa’s “drawlings” are simple, but fun and funny, and guarantee you a smile over something wholesome, which is so nice when there are so many snarky things out there competing for your laughs :P. Which is kinda the same theme I’m going for with my blog, and she made me start thinking about how maybe I could offer up something little too that some people might nevertheless find worthwhile :). I check her site out pretty regularly. Here is one of her recent comics, and if you click on it you can check out her site for more smiles ‘n laughs:



















Source: cocoa likes this!

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 1: Iltana

Wow, I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of blogging! Deciding to blog funny and happy and thought-provoking stuff was kinda an experiment; I had no idea for how long I’d enjoy doing it, or if anyone would care to read. I’ll let you know on October 15th some of the stats of my blog (Spoiler alert: they’re modest, nothing to write home about, but it’s still been super fun for me), but I thought leading up to my 1 year blogiversary I’d pay tribute to some of my favorite WordPress blogs I’ve come across and now subscribe to. So I’m kicking things off with probably my absolute favorite, Iltana’s photo blog. This lady has an amazing eye, inspiring creativity, and fun photo editing tricks. I always feel happy and inspired when I check out her images, so here are 2 recent ones as a preview. Click on either to check out her blog.


Photo source:

Reading List!

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I lovvvve book recs and I love flowcharts. Perfect! I am a fan of classic lit and have read many of these, but there are several I could check out. Anyone gonna give this a try? Anyone wanna leave a book recommendation in the comments section? O:)

Article and photo source: via my friend Molly

Lovvved The Berenstain Bears!

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The Berenstain Bears!

I just read an article on Buzzfeed reporting the death of Jan Berenstain, who, along with her late husband Stan, wrote my favorite book series of my childhood, The Berenstain Bears. Sister and Brother’s lives were just like mine (except they got to live in a sweet tree house) and I learned so many lessons from those books! Just thought it might be a nice piece of nostalgia for some of us to remember them, and to honor Jan Berenstain for her creativity in helping kids to learn to be good people even though we’re imperfect :).

Article source: Buzzfeed

Photo source: copyrighted by HarperCollins Children’s Books

A reading list from one of America’s brightest minds

Looks like a pretty solid list to me, and i might just take him up on it. I’m already 1 down with some working knowledge of a few others!

Also, for those of you wondering who Neil deGrasse Tyson is… I didn’t know before I saw this on reddit either, but saw immediately that redditors care a lot about what he has to say. Now I know he is an astrophysicist and science commentator with an inspiring life story. For those of you who haven’t discovered reddit yet, go check it out. It takes the pulse of what matters to people currently, and is updated by users every second.

And for those of you who know my theory on names, is it any surprise this is a Neil? (Neil = successful)

Screencaps via reddit

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