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So That’s Why!

I have 2 hands for a reason. The reason being because I have 2 sweet dogs who constantly want to be petted and to play. 🙂


Overdose on Political Ads Make Us ALL Feel This Way!

Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been gone for a brief hiatus… different things in life have been keeping me so busy that I needed to let my little entertainment blog take a back seat. Trying to get back into the swing of things now though, starting with this. I’m sure most of us in America can relate! Don’t worry Abby, we have less than 48 hours of this to go!

Source: on youtube via dlisted

Fall in the Beautiful Shenandoah Region

sunlight playing with leaves

Am away at a work training in the beautiful Shenandoah region of VA this week (hence the lack of posts) and it is the most beautiful time of the year to be here! This is a pic I took on UVA’s campus.

(c) Lil old moi

One of the Greatest Philosopher-Actors of Our Time

Let’s celebrate Jean-Claude Van Damme’s birthday a day late with this tribute to some of his greatest and most philosophical reflections.. click on the pic for his top ten, with sources listed, lest you think they are made up ;). Oh Buzzfeed, you make me so happy.

Source: gdefon via Buzzfeed

Fall = Best 3 Weeks (or So) of the Year

(Photo: creative commons/howardignatius via IBtimes) White Mountains Trail, New Hampshire

Man I love fall! Don’t know if you’ve noticed (perhaps so, if you found yourself here via a search engine) but for whatever reason, while there are many sites that talk about fall foliage and where to find it, most of them don’t have pictures! Does not make sense. Anyway! I did find this one great, short article on 5 beautiful fall foliage spots across America (click on the link or pic to go to there). While I do love the beautiful muted and golden shades of leaves here in Virginia, this picture from the White Mountains Trail in New Hampshire took my breath away.

Photo source: creative commons/howardignatius via IBtimes

Article source:International Business Times

Men Have Feelings Too

I inexplicably woke up with this in my head this morning. Wherein I identify myself as a child of the 90s :). Thought it might bring back some nostalgic LOLs for you too :).

Source: on youtube

I Don’t Even Watch Awards Shows, But I’ll Probably Watch This One


Saturday Night Live may not be funny anymore, but these two alum are great together! And they’ll be co-hosting the Golden Globes this year, on Sunday Jan 13th.  Which reminds me, didn’t Seth McFarlane get tapped to host the Oscars? I don’t know if he is as funny as his characters, but looks like I’ll be checking out some awards shows this year! This also reminds me I still need to check out Tina Fey’s book from a few years ago *moves to top of reading list*…

Information source: today on

Photo source: via Tumblr

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