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It Was Thanksgiving and I Saw Life of Pi: Ergo, This

Combining elements of each (well, if your Thanksgiving includes sweet potato casserole with marshmallows as mine does, and if you’d prefer seeing an animal eating in a way that is worlds more endearing than an a-hole hyena turning on his shipmates), this felt like a fitting post-Thanksgiving clip. Especially because one thing I am forever thankful for is cute animal clips on youtube :). And yes, I am somehow a year late on this, but hoping that most of you haven’t seen it yet!

Source:  on youtube via dlisted


So That’s Why!

I have 2 hands for a reason. The reason being because I have 2 sweet dogs who constantly want to be petted and to play. 🙂

Boston Terrier in Boots

Just remembered about this video and looked it up again for a good chuckle. I have a Boston Terrier so I have a special place in my heart for them, but everyone thinks this is incredibly cute and funny right? Oh gosh, I also caught up in all the other related videos on the right.

Source: on youtube

Two of My Favorites: Bulldogs and Trampolines!!

Ermygerrrsh, a dog playing on a trampoline! Check out those flips! And, just like me on a trampoline, he does not want to get off ever. I’m LOVING it.

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Baby Pandaaaaaaaaa!!!

OMGeeeeee, a baby panda was born at the National Zoo this week! Washington Post has a story on the surprise birth here, and even though the baby won’t have his or her public debut for another several weeks, here’s a picture of another baby panda to tide you over, and if you click on the link I found it from, there’s even more panda pictures :).

Article Source: Washington Post

Photo Source: I found it on

OMGeee A Ticklish Meerkat!

I swear, some days things like this are so needed to start your day off. BTW, have you ever watched Meerkat Manor? Shouldn’t be as wonderful as it is, but I could watch it for hours, they are so cute and anthropomorphized :).

Source: on youtube via cityrag via dlisted

For When You Ask Yourself, Does My Dog Have No Shame?

I’m a giant cliche 😦

He does, it turns out. Just probably not enough to motivate a new behavior. LOLZ. Click here or on the pic for about 20 of these :P.

Source: via Rob

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