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Shutting Down Shop :/

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to thank you all so much for reading over the past year+. This was a fun project for me, and I didn’t know what to expect as far as longevity but in recent months I guess life has just taken a different turn and I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging. I’m not going to close it out just yet, since I still get a fair amount of views on older posts, and they are pretty funny and fun ;), but I’m not planning on posting anything else new. It’s been a lot of fun for me, and again, I thank you so much for your interest!

Little Old Moi


Well, Since I Didn’t Get To Win Filthy Richness Myself…

Electrician facing foreclosure wins $1mil, plans to take his girlfriend out to Red Lobster, and to help his mom 🙂

This story of one of the “smaller” prize lottery winners makes me happy. Sometimes I feel so disheartened by the sharp divide between the haves and have-nots in the world. Oddly enough, in this day and age $1 million does not make you a “have” but it still makes me feel good to see a “have not” get cut a break while still remaining humble as can be. And the article says he was one of the first people through the doors at the lottery HQ the next morning… Duh! I’d also want that money ASAP! Can’t wait to hear the stories of the 2 big winners!


So That’s Why!

I have 2 hands for a reason. The reason being because I have 2 sweet dogs who constantly want to be petted and to play. 🙂

I’m Liking It Turns 1 Today!

…or as I’ve come to affectionately call it, my blog’s blogiversary.

By the way, interesting process thinking about “what picture best represents a blogiversary?” I went with this one of my lil dog through her ball cuz it’s all about what makes you smile over here, and this does for me!

About that, I’m just an 8-to-5-er who likes a smile to start my day, and something to laugh at during the middle of a long work day, and occasionally something that gets the gears in my mind cranking :P. And I read a few websites pretty regularly and figured there’s probably people out there who don’t want to sift through blogs to stumble across a good laugh or inspiration, so I decided to try to write a blog that would be the reader’s digest version, highlighting the best light entertainment out there :). And it’s done alright for itself! Coincidentally, today the view count will hit 5000 views! I know some sites get that and more in an hour, but in little old moi’s little old world that’s a lot, and a nice blogiversary present :).

Thank you to all of you for stopping by to check it out! I’m having lots of fun writing it and am curious to see how it will grow over the next year! And thank you to my favorite sources for material, dlisted,, and youtube, and to all my friends who are doing cool and creative things that I was able to profile.

Couple  quick stops on memory lane:

Here was my first blog post (other than just intro to the concept of the blog)

Did you know I’m Liking It‘s busiest day so far was actually way back last November 22nd, because this was a funny little gem

And looking forward to the next year! Thanks again!!


Blog Appreciation Week, Day 5: Forcing Myself Happy

Ok, I’m not totally in love with the title of the blog I am featuring today, Forcing Myself Happy,but I definitely dig its purpose: to be intentional every day about actively doing something in the name of happiness, and enriching your quality of life. It is her 6 month journey of doing this and seeing what results in terms of her own happiness. I just started checking in on this one recently, so am curious to see how it goes.

Her blog is sometimes like mine, in that it shares cool stuff that other people have done more than something original by the author. The author serves as the eye, not as the artist. Below is a video that was featured on her blog, but that wasn’t created by her. It’s super cute and positive, and I’m glad she brought it to my attention, and that I can bring it to yours. But if you want to check out more of her original thoughts and experiences, click here to go to Forcing Myself Happy.

Source: Forcing Myself Happy

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 4: Chocolates and Raspberries

I have a love-hate relationship with fashion: I love a put-together, fun look that’s not too out there, but I don’t really have a great eye for fashion myself, nor do I have the patience (that’s the hate part) or $$ for shopping for fancy fashionable stuff. And some of that really out there fashion annoys the heck out of me, you know, like crazy spacesuit-looking stuff that somehow costs thousands of dollars. But I love this “fashion for the close-enough-to-everyday-woman” blog, Chocolates and Raspberries, that I stumbled across. I still don’t have the kind of money this blogger has to spend on clothes and accessories, but on the other hand, it’s her hobby, and she is still always on the lookout for bargains. Plus, you can love and be inspired by her look without having to copy it exactly. So if fashion that is attainable for the everyday person is your thing, click on the pic below to check out her blog! I notice it hasn’t been updated in about a month, but I think she’s just on vacay and will be back.

Source: Chocolates and Raspberries

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 3: Becoming Madame

One of the first WordPress blogs I started following is Becoming Madame. I love the motivation behind it: it is written by a lady from North America who went to France for a short stay but met her husband and now lives there. Her blog is her own story of a Westerner discovering France, including its landmarks, foods, and cultural lessons, that aren’t frou-frou but are totally relatable to any of us with any interest in what it would be like to up and move to a foreign place with a foreign culture. I posted a delicious French recipe of hers to my blog before that got a lot of hits, and if you click on the pic below it will take you to a recent entry of hers about French portion size and how we can learn to enjoy food more by considering eating like the French. Her entries aren’t all about food, those were just 2 that caught my hungry eye :).

photo source: via Becoming Madame

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