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Blog Appreciation Week, Day 4: Chocolates and Raspberries

I have a love-hate relationship with fashion: I love a put-together, fun look that’s not too out there, but I don’t really have a great eye for fashion myself, nor do I have the patience (that’s the hate part) or $$ for shopping for fancy fashionable stuff. And some of that really out there fashion annoys the heck out of me, you know, like crazy spacesuit-looking stuff that somehow costs thousands of dollars. But I love this “fashion for the close-enough-to-everyday-woman” blog, Chocolates and Raspberries, that I stumbled across. I still don’t have the kind of money this blogger has to spend on clothes and accessories, but on the other hand, it’s her hobby, and she is still always on the lookout for bargains. Plus, you can love and be inspired by her look without having to copy it exactly. So if fashion that is attainable for the everyday person is your thing, click on the pic below to check out her blog! I notice it hasn’t been updated in about a month, but I think she’s just on vacay and will be back.

Source: Chocolates and Raspberries


This is What Hard Work Toward A Dream Can Yield

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This is Patrick Ivison, a high school graduate who is paralyzed but who completed his dream of walking to accept his high school diploma at graduation. So inspiring!

Source: on youtube via, which is now Gonna take me a minute to get used to the switch.

I’ve Said It Before, and I’ll Say It Again: I Have a Crush on Princess Kate

*(“Duchess” if you wanna be technical about it. I don’t!)

There’s definitely something to be said about watching someone grow from a college student to a poised woman in front of your eyes, particularly when you’re the same age as her and had a crush on her husband for part of your teen years, only to ultimately realize you can’t deny they’re a perfect match :). And as nearly any girl can tell you, relinquishing your dream of somehow meeting a prince and becoming a princess is a bitter pill to swallow ;). In any case, I no longer have a crush on William but on Princess Kate instead– she is so classy, demurely beautiful, and fashionable. So I get excited for her milestones, such as in the video above, which is her first speech as a public figure. It’s just a little speech, but there’s a lot of pressure on her as a representative of the country, so good for her for such a nice job.

Did I mention my crush on Kate is also based on my fashion-envy of her? Here’s my favorite of her looks, just in case you were dying to know. And just one last thing– on a serious note, given yesterday’s post, I do want to add that I’m not saying she doesn’t give in to the media pressures toward how women should look, as she clearly is very thin. What I love about her look here is her style and her confidence, those are the beautiful parts. Thanks for hearing that 🙂 :

Source: on youtube

Photo credit: I found it on Through The Looking Glass blog

Beautiful Letterpress

It looks like prints in the snow doesn't it? Beautiful!

A beautiful paper goods site– these holiday cards are my favorite.  Thanks to Sarah W for directing me to it, it is her sister’s site.

Here is her etsy shop:

Source, and picture credit:

Young House Love

check out and try and tell me you didn't get inspired

This is an amazing blog, written by a young married Richmond couple who have incredibly creative ideas for DIY around the house.

Thanks to my cousin Ashley L for first making me aware of this blog!



Officially Liking Things Since October 15, 2011!

I like a lot of things, many of which are easily accessible via the world wide interwebs :). The aim of this blog is to share little nuggets to bring joy or provoke thought or conversation. It’ll be simple, just an image or gif or article or link. And yes, I foresee myself sharing a lot from my same few favorite sites, these include dlisted, The Superficial, stumbleupon, and msnbc. I can’t help it that they get a consistent A+ in advanced awesomeness! Sometimes I’ll post my own thoughts or pictures too (I am a verrry novice-level photography hobbyist). So that’s the blog, we’ll see how it goes.

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