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It Was Thanksgiving and I Saw Life of Pi: Ergo, This

Combining elements of each (well, if your Thanksgiving includes sweet potato casserole with marshmallows as mine does, and if you’d prefer seeing an animal eating in a way that is worlds more endearing than an a-hole hyena turning on his shipmates), this felt like a fitting post-Thanksgiving clip. Especially because one thing I am forever thankful for is cute animal clips on youtube :). And yes, I am somehow a year late on this, but hoping that most of you haven’t seen it yet!

Source:  on youtube via dlisted


Blog Appreciation Week, Day 5: Forcing Myself Happy

Ok, I’m not totally in love with the title of the blog I am featuring today, Forcing Myself Happy,but I definitely dig its purpose: to be intentional every day about actively doing something in the name of happiness, and enriching your quality of life. It is her 6 month journey of doing this and seeing what results in terms of her own happiness. I just started checking in on this one recently, so am curious to see how it goes.

Her blog is sometimes like mine, in that it shares cool stuff that other people have done more than something original by the author. The author serves as the eye, not as the artist. Below is a video that was featured on her blog, but that wasn’t created by her. It’s super cute and positive, and I’m glad she brought it to my attention, and that I can bring it to yours. But if you want to check out more of her original thoughts and experiences, click here to go to Forcing Myself Happy.

Source: Forcing Myself Happy

Blog Appreciation Week, Day 2: Cocoa Likes This!

I profiled Cocoa Likes This! once before, shortly after starting my blog, because it was my inspiration to blog in the first place. Cocoa’s “drawlings” are simple, but fun and funny, and guarantee you a smile over something wholesome, which is so nice when there are so many snarky things out there competing for your laughs :P. Which is kinda the same theme I’m going for with my blog, and she made me start thinking about how maybe I could offer up something little too that some people might nevertheless find worthwhile :). I check her site out pretty regularly. Here is one of her recent comics, and if you click on it you can check out her site for more smiles ‘n laughs:



















Source: cocoa likes this!

Two of My Favorites: Bulldogs and Trampolines!!

Ermygerrrsh, a dog playing on a trampoline! Check out those flips! And, just like me on a trampoline, he does not want to get off ever. I’m LOVING it.

Source:  on youtube via today on

Baby Pandaaaaaaaaa!!!

OMGeeeeee, a baby panda was born at the National Zoo this week! Washington Post has a story on the surprise birth here, and even though the baby won’t have his or her public debut for another several weeks, here’s a picture of another baby panda to tide you over, and if you click on the link I found it from, there’s even more panda pictures :).

Article Source: Washington Post

Photo Source: I found it on

Mom-Son Dance

(ok a little wonky format, not sure if the video’s going to post. If you can’t see it above, click here. It’s dancing, it’s totes SFW).

…But not the wedding kind.  Don’t think I’ve ever heard the name gangnam style, but I recognize the style and this mom-son pair is pretty cool!

Source: via Laura S on fb

OMGeee A Ticklish Meerkat!

I swear, some days things like this are so needed to start your day off. BTW, have you ever watched Meerkat Manor? Shouldn’t be as wonderful as it is, but I could watch it for hours, they are so cute and anthropomorphized :).

Source: on youtube via cityrag via dlisted

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