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OMGOMGOMG, These Two in a Miniseries Together

Unfortunately for us stateside, this miniseries will be airing in the UK. Wonder if we’ll get it over in the US too…I’d tell you a synopsis of the plot if it didn’t sound so boring. I suggest we just try to get a hold of it anyway for the fun of seeing Harry Potter grow up to be Jon Hamm (yes, I like him as himself a la SNL or Jimmy Fallon way more than as Don Draper). And while we’re at it, to set the record straight, I actually don’t have crushes on either of them. I just enjoy them both!

Source: dlisted AGAIN. Sorry it’s apparently all I read these days. I mean, I can’t help that it’s great, and you should probably check it out if you’re at least a little crude in your humor. Promise to diversify again soon!

Photo source: Colin Hutton for Sky Arts via dlisted


Accio Harry Potter Montage!

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What a great idea! I don’t know who’s gonna sit through 17 minutes of this (some of us), but here is a montage of all the spells from all the Harry Potter movies :). For us fans, it really is a cool way to track the story. So any favorites? From the books of course I loved when everyone came out to help Harry in his first fight with Voldemort, then from all the movies I also love when his parents are there with him when he’s going to meet Voldemort in the woods in the Deathly Hallows (which is technically not a spell so maybe I suck at this)… of course the wands raised for Dumbledore was pretty good too.

…adding… ok, ok, I watched the whole thing.

Source: (watch your mouth!) on youtube via msnbc

Harry Potter Yo Mama Jokes

Wherein Jason and I are inspired by these girls:

And that’s only half the fun! See my and Jason’s original contributions after the jump: Read the rest of this entry

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