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Mom-Son Dance

(ok a little wonky format, not sure if the video’s going to post. If you can’t see it above, click here. It’s dancing, it’s totes SFW).

…But not the wedding kind.  Don’t think I’ve ever heard the name gangnam style, but I recognize the style and this mom-son pair is pretty cool!

Source: via Laura S on fb


Funny that I left off last week with a baby laughing…

… cuz here’s twin babies laughing while dancing most twin-like to guitar music. Sooo funny/cute to watch them boogie down while checking to make sure the other one concurs!

Source:  on youtube via my friend Brad

I Love Your Mohawk Almost As Much as I Love Your Moves

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Check out this rockin’ cockatoo’s moves! Only a few seconds worth of viewing is necessary, though I watched a good couple minutes. I think it might also be talking a little… can cockatoos do that? Anyway! So cute 🙂

Source: on youtube via dlisted

Fun “Boyfriend” Cover

Thought this was a pretty swaggy (I’m a quick study) cover of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend. And before you start your hating, give it a good 15 seconds worth of listening. Go on girl!

Source: on youtube via Crowd Surf, managed by my amazing friend Jade

Oh to have a courageous soldier “Hold It Against Me”

Was that a scandalous title? 😉 I just remembered about this video from the U.S. Marines 266 Rein and HMLA 169 to Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me,” and thought it was high time for a re-watch. They’re so great!

Source:  on youtube

George Takei Is The Best

Seriously, have you ever checked out his Twitter? I’m not even on Twitter, but I still see his stuff re-posted by friends to facebook all the time. Anyway, he’s flipping hilarious and here’s his awesome “happy dance.”

George Takei is sexy and oh boy does he know it!

Oh, and also, what a cool cause. Funny + has substance = I might love you a little

Source: on youtube

It’s Been About a Week, Who Wants to See This Again?

I know I’m ready to watch it again! I am of the “LOVED Madonna’s half-time show” camp. She picked the songs I most wanted to hear (plus the obligatory new one that we have to allow for even if it’s not one of her greatest), did a great job of sharing the spotlight with a diverse mix of newer creative types and unknown talent (i.e., rope gladiator dude), and had fun themes. And who really cares if she’s lip synching, she has always been known more as a performer than a singer. Just was really pleasantly surprised by the show. But for all the haters, who do you think has done it better in recent years?

Source: on youtube

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