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Seriously, why was this ever a thing?

Pizza holders! You never see these anymore right (but thanks to dlisted for the memories)? I never did get the point of them. But at the same time, I kinda like the nostalgic memories. Back in childhood days, my favorite pizza was Lil Caesar’s (like most kids, the lower quality the food, the tastier I found it), and I would always take the pizza holder thing from my Lil Caesar’s pizza and make tables for my Barbies. I know you’re nodding in shared remembrance– I noticed Michael K. from dlisted had similar ideas… I knew I wasn’t the only one!

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Men Have Feelings Too

I inexplicably woke up with this in my head this morning. Wherein I identify myself as a child of the 90s :). Thought it might bring back some nostalgic LOLs for you too :).

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Jack Skellington Hearts Sally

So thinkin’ about seeing Frankenweenie tonight. I don’t like to think about dogs dying, but I was totally excited to see this unique Tim Burton animation return! Brings back great memories of The Nightmare Before Christmas— what a cool, creative movie :). I miss movies being creative. Oh, and by the way, speaking of cool and creative… hope you check back all next week, as I’ll be doing something that at least I think is pretty cool with the blog all week long!!

Photo source: The Nightmare Before Christmas via Rotten Tomatoes

Full House Reunion!!

Well, guess some producers put together a Full House reunion, and some of the cast tweeted pics! No Olsens to be found, but the rest of the main cast was there. I have no idea if what results from this will be an episode (hopefully) or just catching up with cast, but either way I’m watching. Loved that show! Miss wholesome TV like that. Think Modern Family is the closest thing today, and I lovvve that show too.

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Ugh, She Would!

That dang Kelly Taylor could never just choose and have it be done with. We all know this type of girl, always looking for the next best thing, and changing her mind once one of her friends is interested in a guy. Booo! Fifteen years or so later, why should this be any exception?  😛

Thanks for the nostlagia, Old Navy 😛

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Ohhhh Yeah, The Dark Knight Rises

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EDIT: Just saw about the shootings at the Batman premiere in Aurora, CO. While I am still going to see the movie today, it is with a much heavier heart. I know the Bane/Bain clip below does not fit the tone of the day anymore. I’ll leave it posted as it is a nice piece by the Daily Show, but at the same time I totally understand if you don’t want to check it out. Foremost, my thoughts go out to the victims of this horrific event and their loved ones.

The Daily Show: Bain Damage   <—Can’t embed, but it’s Jon Stewart so you should prolly just click on it

One of my earliest memories is the scene from the first Batman Movie (the one with Michael Keaton) where little Bruce Wayne’s (ok had to stop there to mention that I originally typed “Wayans” instead of “Wayne”… now that would have been an interesting twist to Batman’s mysterious background, LOL)… aaand bringing it back…. where little Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed and you see the pearls falling on the street. From that moment, this movie series has captivated me. Let’s not focus too heavily on the George Clooney ones. The current Christopher Nolan series has been amazing and I am so excited to go see The Dark Knight Rises today, though it’s hard to imagine it topping The Dark Knight. In celebration of this latest installment, I offer this LOLworthy Daily Show clip about the whole Bane/Bain “controversy”.

Source: The Daily Show

Danity Kane, Anyone?

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“Do you, do you got a first aid kit handy?” Possibly the most random opening lyrics ever…

Just remembered about Danity Kane the other day and figured you might appreciate a reminder too. Seriously, I know I wasn’t the only one who was into this silly shizz, I specifically remember their album debuting at #1 much to the surprise of all my hatin’ friends. I guess the world just wasn’t ready for another iteration of girl groups, and Aubrey O’Day’s skankiness certainly didn’t help matters, but Aubrey and Andrea were pretty flipping talented I thought…

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