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Seriously, why was this ever a thing?

Pizza holders! You never see these anymore right (but thanks to dlisted for the memories)? I never did get the point of them. But at the same time, I kinda like the nostalgic memories. Back in childhood days, my favorite pizza was Lil Caesar’s (like most kids, the lower quality the food, the tastier I found it), and I would always take the pizza holder thing from my Lil Caesar’s pizza and make tables for my Barbies. I know you’re nodding in shared remembrance– I noticed Michael K. from dlisted had similar ideas… I knew I wasn’t the only one!

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Weird Sea-Song Anyone?

Look, I’m going to be straightforward with you– stuff’s about to get weird. This is a big day for one of my best friends, and this superweird video Charlie the Unicorn is one of his favorites so this post is in honor of him. I am not subjecting you to the entire weirdness of the full length version– if you wanna see that it’s here— but this little musical number did make me laugh pretty good the first time I saw it. Seriously, Starfish, get a grip. Oh, and do note that this is from Charlie the Unicorn THREE so I guess enough people must love it for their to be sequels :P.

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So That’s Why!

I have 2 hands for a reason. The reason being because I have 2 sweet dogs who constantly want to be petted and to play. 🙂

What in the Random Friendship Heck?

So apparently Tony Danza and Tupac were pen pals when Tupac was in prison in the 90s…

Ok, and while I’m on the subject of Tony Danza, pretty much anytime I hear his name I laugh to myself because I remember an ex of mine who used to think Elton John sang “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Yep, still laughing at that.

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You know what drives me crazy…

the dreaded pull ‘n peel seal


Pull ‘n peel seals (or lift ‘n peel as this particular bottle of jam displays). I can never get them to work right. In fairness, this is probably because they are mostly found on refrigerated stuff, so I take whatever it is out of the refrigerator, unscrew the cap, and then when I encounter this dreaded seal my fingers, which have touched the condensation now forming on the bottle, are slippery and not good at pull ‘n peeling. But even without that handicap, do these thing ever really work? All I want is a PB&J sandwich without delay, why must they torture me so?! 😉


Fortune Cookie Says…

…….in bed. 😉

It’s Monday, I worked this weekend instead of having my usual time to review funny and thought-provoking websites, and consequently, instead of having any of that to offer up, I submit to you a fortune cookie fortune I like that is staring back at me from my monitor, to which it is taped. Happy Monday errybody, be spectacular!

Aww Snap, Shakespizzle

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Apparently, Shakespeare was the originator of yo mama jokes. Ok, I did not do fact-checking on this, but are these or are these not lines from the Shakesperean play Titus Andronicus? If so, I think you just got served:

Demetrius: “Villain, what hast thou done?”
Aaron: “That which thou canst not undo.”
Chiron: “Thou hast undone our mother.”
Aaron: “Villain, I have done thy mother.”

Thanks to the cute lil blog b for bel for informing me of this useful nugget. Adding, I appreciate the heck out of Shakespeare, so please accept this offering in the spirit is is intended: LOLworthy yet reverent :).

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