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Seriously, why was this ever a thing?

Pizza holders! You never see these anymore right (but thanks to dlisted for the memories)? I never did get the point of them. But at the same time, I kinda like the nostalgic memories. Back in childhood days, my favorite pizza was Lil Caesar’s (like most kids, the lower quality the food, the tastier I found it), and I would always take the pizza holder thing from my Lil Caesar’s pizza and make tables for my Barbies. I know you’re nodding in shared remembrance– I noticed Michael K. from dlisted had similar ideas… I knew I wasn’t the only one!

Source: via dlisted


What in the weird science heck?!

This that you see above is a REAL moth, called a poodle moth. Read about it on if you care to know more. Personally, I just think it’s cute and it kinda reminds me of a toy I had in the 80s. Popples maybe? Or a popples-gremlins hybrid (submitted below for comparison)? I dunno, maybe I’m not putting my finger on it. All I know is this thing is totally cute!


Article and poodle moth picture source:

Additional photo sources: google image 1 and google image 2

Holy Creativity, Dr. Who!

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What an awesome idea!! So this filmmaker apparently filmed part of this 20 years ago as a 12 year old kid, and the other part just recently as a 32 year old man, as a conversation with his past-self. Love it!

Source: on youtube via dlisted (“Be right back, need to go schedule a dance-off with my 12-year-old self,”says Michael K. LOL)

I Truly Have Wondered Whatever Happened to Curly Sue

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Click on the pic for more stuff you haven’t thought about in a while, and yet will make you LOL nonetheless.

Oh Buzzfeed. I get so much enjoyment and nostalgia from your articles. Case in point, this one: 48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old. Therein are answers to some pop culture questions you didn’t even know you had, such as where is Curly Sue now :P.

And here is one more pic I liked… from 48 it’s too hard to just pick one!

Source: Buzzfeed via the bf Rachel!

In the Year Two Thoussssaaaand

As much I as I post from youtube, I thought this was an appropriate homage (not of my own making, I just ran across it): for your consideration, a funny imagining of what it would have looked like if youtube had been invented in the ’90s 🙂

Source: on youtube via via The Superficial

Oh Hi Again Brandy and Monica

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Just listened to the new collaboration by Brandy and Monica… didn’t love it, but did love that it made me think about The Boy is Mine. Let’s listen to that instead:

Alas, couldn’t find the actual video, but this’ll do.

Source:   on youtube

Lovvved The Berenstain Bears!

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The Berenstain Bears!

I just read an article on Buzzfeed reporting the death of Jan Berenstain, who, along with her late husband Stan, wrote my favorite book series of my childhood, The Berenstain Bears. Sister and Brother’s lives were just like mine (except they got to live in a sweet tree house) and I learned so many lessons from those books! Just thought it might be a nice piece of nostalgia for some of us to remember them, and to honor Jan Berenstain for her creativity in helping kids to learn to be good people even though we’re imperfect :).

Article source: Buzzfeed

Photo source: copyrighted by HarperCollins Children’s Books

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