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I Hate When I Love Her Makeup

Yes, this picture of Kim Kardashian is from Halloween, but remember how I am a little behind getting back into my blogging groove over here? It could be worse! Anyway! I do not like this person… I don’t like what she represents or her values. I don’t like that little girls look up to her. And man do I not like her narcissistic boyfriend. But something that so often is true of Kim K. is the girl knows how to do her makeup. Ok, ok, probably she has someone doing it for her now, but honestly I remember liking her makeup even when she was just coming out. Almost hate to admit it but she looks so pretty right? Gotta give props where they are due.

Photo source: Splash via dlisted


Another Day, Another Olympics Post. But this one’s for LOLs!

LOL! Not all of us were blessed with the gift of articulation. Ryan Lochte, you just keep being a world-class swimmer, mmkay?

BONUS: Maybe bad interviewing skills run in the family. Ryan Lochte’s mom threw salt in his game with this little gem of a comment in a recent interview on Today: “He goes out on one-night stands. He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”


Source: on youtube via dlisted

Go Fug Yourself

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early 90s looking fug

I guess I’ve heard about Go Fug Yourself for a while but never got around to looking at it til I read this article. I don’t watch Glee or even know who this particular person is, so don’t get mad at me that she’s wearing ridiculousness. But anyway, I’m really posting more for the article. Ha, I know that reminds me of me sometimes… just thought it was cute.

Source: go fug yourself

On Justin Bieber at the Mayweather Fight

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So Justin Bieber was Floyd Mayweather’s guest at his boxing match over the weekend, and apparently quite a few people have taken issue with his presence there. Me, I agree with this guy. I have posted Justin Bieber stuff on this site before, even though I am not a teenage girl. The premise of this article is correct: haters gonna hate. The rest of us just need to chill and acknowledge he’s not the worst poptart out there, and that we’d be doing all the same stuff Justin Bieber’s doing if given half a chance.

Photo Source: (c) Al Bello/Getty via Just Jared

Article Source: Andrew Sharp for SB Nation

Condescending Wonka

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Bahahahahaaa! So apparently this is a twitter account where the author makes condescending comments about the silly day-to-day stuff we do from the vantage point of Willy Wonka. You know he was a polite little know-it-all. Anyway, you don’t have to have twitter to access the page. It’s right here. I found out about it via Buzzfeed’s Top 10 Tweets from Condescending Willy Wonka, if you want to see those too. …and I can’t share just one…

Source: @ohwonka on twitter via Buzzfeed

Documentary: You’re Doing it Wrong

I love Kirk Cameron…… in Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron the documentary filmmaker, however, makes me LOL in a different kind of way. Like any good work of art, what makes me laugh when I view this could be totally different than what makes you laugh, but both are valid ;). … but definitely part of it is the numerous shots of his “concerned face”, right?

Adding: I know it’s not nice to make fun, but it’s frustrating when someone wastes an opportunity to explore a perfectly valid thought by  propagandizing toward the foregone, unexamined perspective he’s already known for rather than seeing where the journey actually takes him. Just sayin’…

Source: on youtube via filmdrunk

You’ve Probably Got A Point There…

Please describe yourself in the most annoying way possible. 

LOL, click on the link for a quick, funny read (safe for work). Oh social media and online dating websites…


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