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Weird Sea-Song Anyone?

Look, I’m going to be straightforward with you– stuff’s about to get weird. This is a big day for one of my best friends, and this superweird video Charlie the Unicorn is one of his favorites so this post is in honor of him. I am not subjecting you to the entire weirdness of the full length version– if you wanna see that it’s here— but this little musical number did make me laugh pretty good the first time I saw it. Seriously, Starfish, get a grip. Oh, and do note that this is from Charlie the Unicorn THREE so I guess enough people must love it for their to be sequels :P.

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What in the weird science heck?!

This that you see above is a REAL moth, called a poodle moth. Read about it on if you care to know more. Personally, I just think it’s cute and it kinda reminds me of a toy I had in the 80s. Popples maybe? Or a popples-gremlins hybrid (submitted below for comparison)? I dunno, maybe I’m not putting my finger on it. All I know is this thing is totally cute!


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Wha??? How Are People Gonna Hate on Cilantro?

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Delicious! People are crazy…

Well, today I learned something new… turns out cilantro is the most hated of all herbs, with some very strong opinions and even a facebook anti-fan page (ha). Don’t believe me? See this article.

This is just plain crazy. Cilantro is my absolute favorite herb. There is nothing like salsa with fresh cilantro, for example. Whereas haters say cilantro “tastes like soap, mold, or dirt”, I think it tastes like the definition of refreshing! I don’t get it.

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